Vault provides investors with access to alternative investment opportunities that are not correlated with the stock market. The underlying assets are originated, underwritten, serviced and administered by Vault and offered to investors through fund structures that promote alignment, diversification and capital preservation.

Values of Investing with Vault

  • Alignment: We invest meaningfully alongside our investors.
  • Capital Preservation: In selecting individual investments and building our portfolios, our mandate is to make prudent investment decisions. Success is not our ability to place capital. Rather, it is our ability to identify investments that repay in full.
  • Mispriced Risk: Vault does not compete on risk. We achieve favorable mispriced risk by focusing on niche markets and by obtaining market share because of our industry leading service levels

Vault’s Funds

  • Vault Real Property Secured Debt Fund: A risk averse mortgage fund that provides investors with quarterly liquidity and the opportunity to invest through deferred tax plans like RRSP’s and TFSA’s.
  • Vault Credit Opportunities Fund: A diversified portfolio that contains all of Vault’s credit products -equipment leases, business financing and mortgages. Investments are originated, underwritten serviced and administered by Vault.