Who we are:

Vault is a non-bank private lending company offering a wide array of financial services such as mortgages, leasing and lending products. Vault has a devoted team of experts with years of experience in both financial services and real estate. We are dedicated to delivering products and services that meet the diverse needs of our borrowers, quicker and easier than traditional sources!

We have a fast-paced, fun, progressive, and friendly work environment. The company is currently experiencing substantial growth (which comes with incredible opportunity) that can be attributed to the “work hard, play hard” and “have fun while you work” values of the organization. This is a company with no politics or red tape, you want to get something done, you will have the latitude and opportunity to run with it, giving you the chance to take ownership of your results with no ceiling of what you can accomplish.

We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join the team. Send us your resume and CV.

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